Best practices for creating posts

The following are best practices when it comes to creating posts.

  1. Use the right size of images. The ideal width is 1500 to 1920 pixels. Small images can become pixelated while images that are too large can take a long time to upload. If the file size is greater than 1.5MB, the image is probably too big.
  2. Create as many internal links as possible. Internal links keeps people on your site and allows them to explore more content. Include as many links to other pages on your site as possible.
  3. Add a call to action at the end of the post. Reading a post should lead to an action for your users. For example, you might want them to view your pricing page, download your app, subscribe to your mailing list, or follow you on social media. Add a clear “call to action” at the end of each post to maximize your conversion
  4. Include a featured image. Featured images will show up in social posts linking to your content. To make sure your links look good on social media, you should set a catchy featured image.
  5. Don’t let your paragraphs go too long. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read, and are better for search engine optimization.
  6. Create content that people who don’t know your brand might search for. If your goal is to get more people to discover your brand, create content that people are likely to search for on Google. For example, instead of highlighting your brand name in the post title, a generic title like “how to write a good article” is more likely to appear in searches. You can then use internal links and calls-to-action to draw them to other content and actions on your website.

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